Kelly's Heroes Minimal Movie Poster

Drinking wine, eating cheese and catching some rays?
Not yet, anyway.
Well, I felt inspired by some of the minimalist movie poster art floating around the web and decided to have a go at a Kelly's Heroes art design. I like the idea of incorporating a few in-jokes from the film that you won't understand if you haven't seen it.

The thing is about Kelly's Heroes is that its internet presence is very small, and yet I've never been to a military event which isn't drenched in references to this one piece of media; ranging from the simple 'Kilroy' sketch and subtly placing a few 'gold' bullions on the back of a Sherman, to fully-fledged Donald Sutherland lookalikes and loudspeakers blaring with 'All for the Love of Sunshine.' Safe to say there is not enough crossover of internet culture with the world of military enthusiasts and tank collectors. Yet.

Okay, so you probably have no idea what's going on. To justify this poster design, the film features a hippy tank which fires paint rounds, is fitted with a loudspeaker, and hunts gold. And the slogan is one of the more popular ones to spray onto the side of your real-life Sherman tank. There.

Have a little faith, baby!

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