...back of the van, get in the back of the van, get in the van. Back. Of. The. Van. 

(In the words of the Swede Mason remix...)

This spare-time project involves mud, multiplayer and minefields. 
More coming up later.


Not even half

a) Old Land Rover with spare wheel
b) Goldfield Unified School District
c) Desert A-10
d) Ambulance 705
e) Snow halftrack 
f) BRDM 2 Squad
g) Rebel Pilot
h) Argos
i) Quarry dump truck, from above

Each tray is a number, from 1 (top) to 29 (bottom).
Piece together the code by locating the tray number of the items above, and I'll give you a Micro Machine. 
If you're nice.

This is just the beginning of a bigger project involving my Micro Machine collection, unfortunately; with more cars, tanks, planes, helicopters, figures, Star Wars, motorbikes, bombers, camper vans, Star Trek, Aliens, blimps, Power Rangers, road signs, James Bond, trucks, tractors, Indiana Jones, boats, submarines, Terminators, crocodiles, Biker Mice from Mars, balloons, limousines, aircraft carriers and root beer-flavoured articulated lorries than you can shake a slightly-larger-than-N-gauge stick at.