Retractable turrets with nice faces.

So. Researching material for a future project, and realised that I just love these guys.

New background design

I knocked it up last night, instead of sorting out a dampness problem in the bedroom (Landlord's fault).

Every layer in the final design was still named 'TEST'-something; maybe I should have called the whole thing a test...not sure if I completely like?
I did like the simplicity of having no background, but ultimately it doesn't really suit my personality at all.

In the image are some mild references to things I tend to like, such as:

Talking Heads
Victorian military technology
Three wolf moon
Various Soviet things

No, I didn't actually make a huge list of things I like and then narrowed it down beforehand, as clever as that would be...it seems to have been pure chance that these things ended up in there. Honest.


Stock video clip picked for free download of the week...?

That's right, even though its such an extremely specific piece of content, stock media archive pond5.com have apparently chosen my shot of an M3A2 Halftrack as their free download clip of the week. Of course, it means I won't get paid for it, but for what its worth, why not!

So, if for some reason you want or need a patriotically American shot of a WWII armoured vehicle manoeuvring in slow motion through a cloud of dust, you better download it now.

It's right here on Pond 5's homepage.