Rommel on Recon

That title sounds pretty cool if you say it fast.
Although, of course, it was never cool for Rommel to go on recon.
I can only assume it was very, umm, hot.
Anyway...some interesting pictures of a diorama shot in natural light. If you've visited my Imgur, you'll probably have seen these already. But I thought maybe they deserve some limelight on my homepage!

Give 'em a click to see the full image.

Rommel on Recon
Tamiya 1/16th Desert Kubelwagen


Think Big. Play Small.™

I've started a little project that really is quite little.

Right now it's just a tiny (unfinished) picture. But at the earliest opportunity, this tiny little image of a convenient two-thousand nine-hundred and twenty-five pixels will (hopefully) take on a new life, the likes of which you have never seen before.