Duke Nukem 3D art - by 7 year-old me.

I'm sure you've heard of Duke Nukem before - ya' know, that hedonistic game character who shoots alien invaders - Either from the new Duke Nukem Forever or the old skool Duke Nukem 3D from 1996. Don't worry, there's nothing 18+ in this post!

I have been playing Duke Nukem 3D since it first came out - when I was 6 years old. Is that bad? Safe to say Duke Nukem forms a decent chunk of my childhood!

I recently uncovered a small gathering of Duke Nukem drawings I had done when I was 7 - about half a year after the games' release.

Click here to see the full album on Imgur.

The most inspiring thing about the game for me is the level design. 3D games before Duke Nukem 3D mostly involved endless, dull corridors as the setting; and not much better are the photo-realistic environments of modern games. Where's the creativity in that?
Duke's levels are an art. Not only can you explore the most wonderfully mediocre of settings, including police/fire stations, banks, subways and even a Japanese restaurant, but their layouts are simply brilliant.

Thanks for taking a look at this rather odd addition to my blog...if you like Duke Nukem 3D, don't forget to check out
DukeCraft - my Duke Nukem 3D Minecraft total conversion.


Meet Jazz.

She's my dog. And she doesn't really like tanks.

Watch in HD to appreciate how fluffy she is.

Swinkys Sweets Postcard Design

I recently completed a piece of work with Livvy under Lumen Soup's name - a postcard design for a delightful confectionery shop in Bristol called Swinky's Sweets. The main part of the front design is a little quick-style watercolour illustration which I produced with (vague) reference to photographs!

Lookout for the whole design soon - whether it's on here, or comes through your letterbox... :D


Did you know I'm a photography model?

I meant, a photographer of models!

I don't see my big-scale models very often, but when I do, I spend most the time getting rid of cobwebs, evicting various creatures from the gearboxes and making sure the electronics are working okay.

Since I got a new camera, I've also been trying to capture some interesting images of them. (Videos too - but so far not enough successes to elaborate on...)

In some cases, the level of detail that can be captured in a sharp RAW capture far surpasses the detail of my modelling and detailing skills! Well, you know it's not real, so if you're prepared to load up the full res, don't be shocked to see plastic!

Catch 'em all at my Imgur gallery.
More of these guys are coming soon.


Lumen Soup: Production complete!

It seems that I haven't posted on here in quite some time...however, as Lumen Soup is pretty much done, I'm making a comeback to my individual blog (but will continue to update Lumen Soup's blog too...so many commitments!)

So here's an overview...

The Lumen Soup project has pretty much taken up all of my time since Christmas, so head there to see how we've been filling up the time!

In a nutshell, we did some visual tests:

And some concept art:

Until we eventually ended up with a whole bunch of digital assets:

And after projecting, acting and filming the whole thing:

Ended up with something like this: