Croixleur Trailer now online

Here's a video game trailer I finished recently for Nyu-Media . You can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. 
For this video I created some composited text scenes to bridge and blend in with the gameplay footage, animated the logo splashscreen, captured my own gameplay footage (don't think I was particularly acing it...)  and then edited it all together to the 1 minute mark. 

Download a demo of the game here for some propa hack and slash lols!


A weekend with Curse @ Minecon

Okay so I've been really slow on the blogging front lately. A good few weeks ago now, Curse invited me to help them cover the very special gaming event that is Minecon 2012 in Disneyland Paris.
It was an amazing weekend of Disney-Minecraft mashups, interviewing exhibitors, late-night editing and  cardboard square heads.
My favourite video from the weekend is below. It was edited like a trailer, and shows various highlights from around the place. Check it out!

Wonders of Life with Prof. Brian Cox coming soon...

Check out the teaser trailer below for the fantastic forthcoming series, Wonders of Life. I worked on the graphics for this programme for over six months. Can't wait to see the results! 


DayZ Wallpapers

If you just love survivin' right now, how about one of these Wallpapers? Some of them are certainly a bit different from what you'd usually expect, so, enjoy.
Clicky clicky to get full size. Just make sure you have enough room in your backpack.

DayZ painted logo
DayZ logo - VHS edition

Murky DayZ scene...

Unmistakably Chernarussian; unusually uneventful.

Why did the sneaky survivor cross the road?

Makarov, y u no drop anything?
What are you eaathen doing runnind near my tent?

Enjoy the Stary Sobor sunset before the snipers get you.
Pure and simple Chernarus hills. Suggestive is all you need.

DayZ Meanz BEANZ. Rocket's Bohemian Variety.


DayZ Avatars

Here's a cheerful bunch of DayZ avatars to brighten up your experience of the most enjoyably depressing game you've ever played.

Note: Most forums etc. should accept these, but in some cases you will still need to resize them.