Woodlands 50th 'Birthday'

Recently I completed a short animation that was commissioned by a school in Essex which is celebrating its 50th 'birthday.' The short animation is mixed media, using 2D traditional/digital, stop motion, pixelation and motion graphics to convey the construction of the town as well as the school itself.

The film was very successful, being used as the opening piece to 'set the mood' for a much larger show and event celebrating the birthday.

Concept art...

Here are some pieces of concept art from a production I am currently working on, entitled 'Attack of the Cones.' Note the flying cones and diving civilians.

Here's a very strange picture which served to visually explain my personality to my fellow students. I think perhaps it is still quite accurate.

Creative Assistant on Innovative show 'The Container'

In 2007 I worked alongside Professional Creatives to help construct and deliver one of the most successful shows featured in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that year. This experience - although (almost) completely separate from animation practice - gave me a real insight into the nitty gritty of working on a professional production team!

...And also allowed me to spend more time than ever before painting rusty, muddy, dirty details on the biggest vehicle-related piece of art I've ever seen.

I think this may have had an impact on my creative practice...!

A Brief History of...

When I was 14 years old I started an animation club, with the help of some local artists. Four years later, my decision to leave for University caused the organisation to dissolve.
However, during its presence, 'Loco Motion' involved more than 50 teenagers, had worked with over 20 Professionals from different disciplines, and had been awarded more than £40,000 through various funding initiatives.
Loco Motion films have been screened in many cinemas - including the Science Museum IMAX and Southbank BFI. One of our biggest achievements was having a film broadcast on BBC2!
I used Loco Motion as a platform from which to create relationships with local schools and other organisations. It is from these contacts that I have gained my experience of leading workshops for younger children.

Through my huge commitment to this group - in both organisation and creativity - I have gained invaluable experience at working within large projects, within the boundaries of external funders, coordinating large groups of people and standing as a key position within a constituted organisation.