DayZ Wallpapers

If you just love survivin' right now, how about one of these Wallpapers? Some of them are certainly a bit different from what you'd usually expect, so, enjoy.
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DayZ painted logo
DayZ logo - VHS edition

Murky DayZ scene...

Unmistakably Chernarussian; unusually uneventful.

Why did the sneaky survivor cross the road?

Makarov, y u no drop anything?
What are you eaathen doing runnind near my tent?

Enjoy the Stary Sobor sunset before the snipers get you.
Pure and simple Chernarus hills. Suggestive is all you need.

DayZ Meanz BEANZ. Rocket's Bohemian Variety.


DayZ Avatars

Here's a cheerful bunch of DayZ avatars to brighten up your experience of the most enjoyably depressing game you've ever played.

Note: Most forums etc. should accept these, but in some cases you will still need to resize them.


DayZ: Animation to celebrate 1 million players

I have spent some spare evenings creating this short animation, which I finally posted on the same day that 'DayZ' reached 1 million unique players worldwide.
DayZ is a harsh zombie survival mod, built on a hardcore military simulator game called Arma 2 - which itself is the 2009 version of Bohemia Interactive's ongoing military simulation series I have been playing for over 10 years...would you believe it?

Yes, you would.

I found myself creating two different atmospheric styles simultaneously - the serious, but tongue-in-cheek night scene, and the childrens' book-style daytime scenes. I found them rather difficult to edit together, and keeping them at opposite ends of the video was the only way to do it!

The colourful daytime style is what I was intending to pursue if ever I produced more of these. The style is inspired by the old BBC series, 'Spider!' (In the Bath)...

The watercolour paintings were fun, and were mostly produced in about 5 minutes each. Splashy and quick.