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Background and Scenery Design

Here's some of the background and scenery designs I've been working on this year...

'20th Century Participation' - 1910

'20th Century Participation' - 1942

The Fall of the Wall - 1989
(The year I was born, actually...)

A screenshot from the first render of the 1989 Berlin Scene

Here are some of the wall sections, with graffin' painted digitally on top of an acrylic-painted texture of a concrete wall...

La-De-Da... Cos' it's a Lada? Get it? Yeah.

It's a cheesy, hippy-sort-of line, but apparently it was a popular one.

A lovely picture of some sort of peaceful bird (dove maybe?)
emerging from the barrel of a Soviet tank.
Bloody Commies.

The original textures, created in acrylic paint...

The original planned image was first produced as a sketch...

An incredible scene...

The Mongolians have swarmed the border!
(hmm, sounds a bit like a military code...)

A really, REALLY flowery and camp forest scene.
I would definately die of hayfever in there.